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Sensor Technology
The Right Sensors for the Job.
Carrel-Electrade offers a wide array of sensors for any detection application.
Photoelectric sensors, door sensors, thru-beam, retro-reflective, diffuse & fibre optic.
Proximity sensors, inductive, capacitive & ultrasonic. Pressure, temperature, & level sensors.
Safety light curtains, micro/limit switches, PIR movement detectors & rotary encoders.
Photoelectric Sensors. Utilising light to detect objects is a long proven method of process control. Sensors can operate an output when a light beam is broken by the target(Dark-on) or unbroken (Light-on). Outputs can be relay, solid state PNP/NPN or analogue voltage or current for variable distance.
Variations include: Thru-beam, Door Sensors, Retro-reflective, Diffuse, Fibre Optic
Proximity Sensors, Inductive, Capacitive & Ultrasonic. Inductive proximity sensors are good for detecting metals with ranges up to 20mm. Capacitive sensors detect metal or non-metal, solid, liquid or powder with ranges up to 30mm. Ultrasonic sensors use the echo of high frequency sound pulses to determine distance. Outputs are generally solid state, PNP/NPN low voltage DC, thyristor for AC voltage & analogue (4-20mA).
RGB Colour Recognition Sensors for registration mark detection.
Smart Vision System. Real time monitoring of the images for process control.
Light Curtains
A full range of safety light curtains are available, providing Type 2 or Type 4 protection. Providing complete machine operator safety.
Industrial Limit Switches & Micro Switches Contact operated devices, available in a myriad of mounting styles & sizes. From small & delicate to robust industrial force activated switches.
Pressure sensors, differential & absolute pressure measurement.
Temperature sensors, Pt100 & thermocouple. Level sensors, fluid level & leak detection.
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