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Energy Metering & Monitoring
Power Management
Energy & Power Management
Carrel-Electrade manufacture and distribute a wide range of products to support industry in their energy & power management needs. From basic current & voltage transducers to network enabled multifunction panel meters & transducers. Energy metering, single phase & multi-phase, options for remote reading over twisted pair, LAN or internet.
kWh Meters, Energy Metering
Single phase & 3-phase check meters panel mount or DIN rail mounted.
Watt-hour, VA-hour, var-hour transducers & maximum demand.
Multifunction Electricity Metering
Monitor a wide range of electrical parameters from the one device. Panel mounted and DIN rail mounted multifunction devices.
Multifunction devices & transducers with MODBUS® RS485 serial comms.
TCP/IP network enabled devices.
Panel Meters
Voltage, current, thermal demand, power factor cos φ, frequency & tap position. Analogue or digital. Custom scaled for any application.
Electrical Transducers
Watts, VA & var. True RMS or arithmetic mean responding voltage & current.
A wide range of electrical transducers made to order.
Generator Controllers
Both land based & marine certified engine & gen-set control & monitoring equipment. Synchroscopes & fault monitoring/protection devices.
Electrical Transducers
Power factor, frequency, tap position, signal converters, signal isolators, integrators & temperature transducers.
Current Transformers
Standard CTs, 40/5A up to 4000/5A. Split core, flexible & clamp-on CTs.
CT to current loop interfaces.
Hall effect devices.
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Carrel-Electrade Limited
Proudly 100% New Zealand owned and operated.