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Timber Moisture Meters

Carrel-Electrade inherits a long involvement in the design, development and manufacture of timber moisture meters from Carrel & Carrel who have been supplying instruments to the timber processing industry, wood product manufacturers, builders and building inspectors for more than 40 years.

Timber moisture meter catalogue.
Moisture meter case

C901 Moisture Meter
Self contained hand held resistance type timber moisture meter with provision for connection to a separate electrode.
Supplied complete with heavy duty vinyl carry case and the New Zealand Forest Research Institute's publication, Measuring the Moisture Content of Wood.
Reliable and easy to use
  • Calibrated to AS/NZS 1080.1:1997 Standard
  • Range 8% to 40% moisture content
  • Single push button operation
  • Built in needle electrodes plus BNC for external electrodes
  • Common 9V battery with low battery indicator
  • Dimensions 165x80x40mm

A compact simple tester for detecting moisture in wood, wallboard or plaster.

The DampTester is a hand-held moisture tester using the well-proved principle of electrical resistance to determine the presence of moisture in wood and other building materials. Measurements in wood are based on the AS/NZS1080 Standard. The DampTester enables users to rapidly test building framing before cladding is applied thereby avoiding problems at a later stage. It is equally useful for detecting the presence of leaks in completed buildings thus allowing corrective action before permanent damage occurs.


A simple tester for detecting moisture in fire wood.

Everyone knows that wet firewood is difficult to light and once alight does not burn cleanly or efficiently. Even wood which appears dry can often still contain large amounts of water. The WoodTester is a hand-held moisture tester which uses the well-proved measurement of electrical resistance to determine the presence of excessive moisture in firewood.

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