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Pro-face is a world leader in operator interfaces, setting the standards for HMI solutions.

Carrel-Electrade are proud to represent the Pro-Face range of HMI products.
Since the inception of the business in 1972, Pro-face has consistently offered ground-breaking products and HMI solutions with the quality that industry depends on.
The range of products is extensive & flexible with a high level of protocol support.

GP4000 series
GP4000 Series
GP4000 Series - Touch Screen Operator Interface.

Easy to identify, easy to use.
Operators can easily monitor conditions & the operating environment in real time using a graphical interface. Enhanced visibility through a 65536 colour TFT LCD display.

GP4000 series
GP4000M Series
GP4000M Series
Modular Type Graphic Operator Interface.
Operator panel with realistic graphics.
  • Easy to install.
  • Easy to connect. USB, ethernet, RS232C/422/485 serial.
  • Clear TFT LCD display.
  • 3.5" & 5.7" display sizes.
GP4301TM series GP4301TM series

LT3000 series
GP-Pro Ex
GP-Pro Ex Software - HMI screen editor & logic programming software.

Simple editing for sophisticated screen development. Screen editor for all Pro-face HMI products.
  • Easy to use, from screen creation to operation.
  • Design highly graphical HMI applications.
  • Powerful parts toolbox allows for part customisation & expansion.
  • Free on-line parts to enhance the look & feel of applications.

Pump control ST3000 series
Pump management
Combine the convenience of the Pro-face HMI with a Crouzet Millenium 3 controller to solve a wide range of industrial monitoring & control applications.

Pro-face & Crouzet M3 Millenium Controller

Upgrade/Replacement path
For suggested upgrades and replacements for older Pro-Face models follow this link: