Safety Auditing Services
Machine Safety Consulting
Safety Auditing Services
Machine Safety Consultant

To ensure the safety of the people in your workplace & your obligations under the health & safety act.

Risk assessments are a major part of machine safety with the aim of selecting and adopting the most suitable safety measures to reduce or eliminate risks.
Validation is required to ensure that measures put in place to reduce or eliminate the risks meet the relevant safety standards.
These validations must meet the relevant standards such as:
AS/NZS 4024 Safety of Machinery or IEC 13849 Safety Of Machinery, IEC 62061 and IEC 61508 Functional Safety.
The validation process is essential to prove the machinery & its operation are safe & meet the required safety standards.

Carrel Electrade can carry out a machine safety inspection of your work place. With experience and knowledge of machine safety in New Zealand, we can provide a comprehensive audit report detailing any hazards & deficiencies in your work place.

Any queries relating to machine safety contact Andrew Leader

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