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Timers & Counters
  • Counters
    Autonics LA8N 8 digit panel mounted LCD Counter.
    IP66 front panel, Lithium battery powered. Contact or voltage input.
    Kübler K 07.20 7 digit miniature totaliser.
    Panel mounted 32x15mm IP65, supplies 24/110/230V ac & 12/24V dc.
    Kübler K 47.20 7 digit miniature totaliser.
    Panel mounted 30x20mm IP65, supplies 5 & 24V dc.
    Kübler W 15.21 5 digit counter with manual reset.
    Panel mounted 34x23mm, supplies 12/24V dc & 24/110/230V ac.
    Kübler BVa 15.11 5 digit counter with preset.
    Panel mounted 56x68mm, supplies 110 & 230V ac.
    When count reaches preset total a relay operates.
  • Programmable Counters
    Panasonic LH2H-FEW-24DC panel mounted, 48x24mm 7 digit LCD hours run counter.
    Lithium battery powered, IP66 front panel.
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